NovaDrier™ Membrane Resin Dryer ND-25G


Throughput 25 lb/hr

The NovaDrier, is the most popular small resin dryer on the market, with thousands sold, and proven to dry ALL thermoplastic resins. Conventional compressed air dryers can’t match the drying performance of the membrane dryer because they never attain a -40° dew point; and they use up to 3X’s as much compressed air as the NovaDrier.

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Features :

  • Patented air flow design and proprietary membrane – guarantees -40° dewpoint process air year round
  • Energy efficient design – uses 1/3 of the compressed air of comparable models
  • Easy-to-use control – larger numbers and quick setting changes
  • No moving parts – minimal maintenance
  • Desiccant-free operation
  • 5-Year Warranty for Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • No Refrigerated or Pre-Dried Air required, Works with any Source of Compressed Air
  • Energy Saver Standard on ND-100 through ND-200
  • Standard process temperature 350°F. (177°C)


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